morningThe Flod vinyl “Kurs” is a brilliant  companion to the morning coffee!

turboThe handshake signing of TurboChild

federal albumScreenshot of – Federal Unicorn are on top of things, oh yes they are.

It sticks!The Dance With Dirt promo sticker for Roskilde 2014 knew where it belonged.

BedtimeBedtime for Kristoffer, thank you urban Aarhus!

WelcomeESGR featuring Lone @ Christiania

FederalFederal Unicorn were the prettiest boys at CMW 2014, no doubt!

the boysFederal Unicorn and friends @ Niagra Falls (CMW 2014)

grimskunkA gift from GrimSkunk (CAN) to Magnus’ little brother.

JohnJohn in front of our most inspiring office building at Promus in Aarhus.

JohsnezzThe DWD boys met The Josh at Rock For People 2013

dropcardOur dropcard is bigger than an airplane, actually 5,2 times bigger!

ESM OFF SPOT 2013The flyer for our ESM OFF SPOT 2013 at Backstage

Enough Said Festival

 ESM Off SPOT 2012

ESM, music for gators!

Street tag/art (could be made by Rasmus and Magnus, maybe…)

ESM tasting Reeperbahn Festival, literally

Homemade, from the first labelnight @ HQ

ESM @ SPOT 2012

Dedication, gratitude and propaganda

JohnhatJohn saved up (a chair) for a rainy day at Roskilde 2014.






IMG_1847Yes, it’s Dance With Dirt to the left, and Rolling Stones to the right.

Richard vs. MixerRichard of TurboChild vs. The Mixer