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Jonathan Hjorth Lyby

Jonathan Hjorth Lyby
Jonathan has studied Music Management at Aarhus Music Conservatory and has more than 10 years of experience working in the industry. Band management & coaching, label work and booking are Jonathan’s main fields of expertise. He is also the bass player in Dance With Dirt. Check his pics out on instagram

ESMusic is a modern music company living in the reality of music business 2.0 where the artist is in control of their own career and know what they want!
I provide a long range of ways to help your band, but the main point is to help you at the point you are now – and how to move forward in the best possible way.
Examples of what I can help you with:


Connecting you to target labels, agents, PR or Publishing companies.
Help with organising your business and internal band structure.
Time management and organising on a larger scale.
Legal advice.

Booking shows on all large and minor venues in Denmark.
Help with connecting you to local bands to set up shows.
Advice on where and when to tour best in Denmark.

Band coaching: 
Live performance and production sessions.
Songwriting sessions.
Musical advice.

Label work: 
Digital distribution worldwide.
PR work in Denmark – I have a strong relationship with all major music press sites in Denmark.
Press texts, photos and image consulting – I work with some of the best music journalists to help present you in the best possible way.

ESMusic looks at the following qualities in an artist:

  • They must “rock” our socks off.
  • They must thrive to reach the top of their own potential.
  • They must be able to convince non-fans.
  • They must be a good live act.
  • They must have developing potential.